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Distinguished Junior Fellowship,

South Bay Interdisciplinary Science Center,

Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory


South Bay Interdisciplinary Science Center (SBISC) is one of the four core divisions of the Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory (SLAB), situated in Dongguan, the Pearl River Delta. Centered around materials research, SBISC supports basic and applied research in matter and energy, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and artificial intelligence. Through various in house and collaborative programs, SBISC strives to become an academic leader in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research.


SBISC is conducting an international talent search under its Distinguished Junior Fellowship Program. We look for young scientists with a PhD degree in relevant fields to carry out independent and original research at the Center. The Fellowship offers competitive salary, housing, and expenses related to academic exchange and related activities. Funding duration is 3 years but is extendable to 5 years based upon performance review and mutual agreement.


Interested applicant should submit a cover letter, resume, three letters of recommendation, along with a detailed research plan for the next 3 years. Collaboration with in-house and visiting scientists at SBISC/SLAB is encouraged but not required. For research that requires lab facilities and equipment, a separate resource requirement plan should accompany the application. Available SLAB platform resources can be found at .


Correspondence and enquiries should be directed to

粤港澳交叉科学中心卓越青年学者基金申请表Application Form.docx