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Excited State Dynamic Workshop was Held Successfully in SBISC
发布时间:2019-10-23 浏览:404 次

From October 18th to 20th, an Excited State Dynamic Workshop was held by SBISC in SLAB. The workshop was organized by Prof. Sheng Meng , the platform director of material computation and database, and Prof. Jin Zhao  the professor from USTC. Over 30 experts and professors from China and overseas were invited to attend the workshop and give their lectures, including Prof. Feng Liu from University of Utah, Prof. Yuxiang Weng from IOP, CAS, and Prof. Shiwei Wu from Fudan University. Moreover, there are more than 70 students signing up and participating in the workshop.

Lectures and discussion proceeded under various topics, such as: Excited state dynamics of condensed matter; Nonlinear optical detection of materials; Exciting and inducing novel quantum states; Solid state high order harmonics and strong field physics; Terahertz spectroscopy; Ultrafast spectroscopy; Coherent state phonons; Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory; GW and Excited state simulation form.

As what we expected, all speakers finished their lectures wonderfully meanwhile successfully, investigating the process of material excited state dynamic. Coming into the discussion, students were so hungry for knowledge that they threw everyone into a brainstorm.

In the end, speakers and students were showing their gratitude for the purity of scientific and academic atmosphere as well as what they acquired from each other. In the future, SLAB will take the responsibility being an good organizer to convene more academic conferences and workshops, and we truly believe in this way will the academic level of SBISC develop better and better.