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Summer Workshop: “Theoretical and Computational Biology: From Molecules to Systems”
发布时间:2019-09-09 浏览:541 次

From August 1 to August 4, 2019, Songshan Lake Summer Workshop: “Theoretical Computational Biology:From Molecules to Systems” , organized by South Bay Interdisciplinary Science Center, was held in Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory. 

On the morning of August 1st , the opening ceremony was held in Room 202. This summer workshop has attracted more than 20 teachers from different institutes and over 70 students from universities across the country. During the course, teachers systematically introduced the formation from DNA sequences to protein structures, from protein dynamics to interaction networks with multilevel theoretical calculation methods, exploring the frontier issues and future prospects of theoretical and computational biology with students. What’s more, in the Poster Session, teachers and students discussed excitedly, and voted the Excellent Poster Award and The Best Poster Award.

Through this summer workshop, teachers and students had learned a lot and hoped to participate in more interdisciplinary academic activities. In the future, organized by South Bay Interdisciplinary Science Center will continuously sponsor various schools, workshops and seminars, dedicating to build an advanced international academic exchange platform.