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Litchi Forum of South-bay Interdisciplinary Science Center
发布时间:2019-06-27 浏览:517 次

On June 16th, 2019, the Litchi Forum of South-bay Interdisciplinary Science Center (hereinafter abbreviated as SBISC) with the topic of “tendency of interdisciplinary intersection as well as construction and development of SBISC” was held in Song Shan Lake Materials Laboratory (hereinafter abbreviated as SLAB).

Attendants to this forum include: Zhao Zhongxian the director of SLAB academic committee and academician of CAS; Yu Lu the academician of CAS; Ouyang Qi the academician of CAS and physics professor in Peking University; Wang Enge the president of SLAB and academician of CAS; Wang Weihua the director of SLAB and academician of CAS; Chen Changfeng the physics professor in University of Nevada; Huang Jiandong the tenured professor in University of Hong Kong; Liu Chenli the institute director of SIAT; Ma Yanming the dean of physics college in Jilin University; Chen Dongmin the executive deputy director of SLAB; Li Ming the deputy director of SLAB; Tang Chao the director of SBISC; Tang Leihan the deputy director of SBISC; and Wei Hongxiang the assistant to the director of IOP.

At the beginning of this forum, Tang Chao introduced the circumstance of SBISC, and Tang Leihan introduced two Spring School activities held recently. Academicians and professors thought highly about the achievements of SBISC, and showed their recognition as well as support to SBISC. Then, all the attendants had enthusiastic and deepgoing discussion about the tendency of interdisciplinary intersection as well as construction and development of SBISC. Finally they reached the agreement of having its own brand effect is very essential for SBISC to recruiting talents, and they hoped the SBISC will be a window for SLAB to communicate frontier science with other parties.

As one of the four core blocks of SLAB, SBISC will partner with universities from home and abroad, the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, to attract top international scientists to visit and conduct cooperative research. It is expected to become a high-level, long-term and stable platform for academic exchanges and international collaboration. The Center will pay sustained attention to frontier sciences and the latest developments in related fields from both home and abroad, and maintain good and collaborative relations with governments, enterprises, universities and research institutes, so as to provide strategic advice for the development of SLAB and lead the development of disciplinary sciences of both China and the world.