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Spring Workshop: Deep learning and Quantum Programming
发布时间:2019-05-16 浏览:1178 次

From May 6th to 10th, 2019, Songshan Lake 2019 Spring Workshop: "Deep Learning and Quantum Programming", organized by South Bay Interdisciplinary Science Center, was held at Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory. The opening ceremony was hosted by Prof. Leihan Tang, the Deputy Director of South Bay Interdisciplinary Science Center. He introduced the development of the laboratory and the center, and he expressed his warm welcomed for the arrival of teachers and students.

The Spring Workshop consists of three parts: lectures, program demonstrations and practice training, attracting 6 teachers from famous universities and more than 50 students from various colleges and universities to participate. During the Spring Workshop, the teachers tried to bring the students to the forefront of research in these two fields by explaining the basic theories and specific examples. This Spring Workshop includes: introducing deep learning techniques with emphasis on differential programming techniques and presentation learning; introducing tensor networks and their applications in applied mathematics and machine learning from different perspectives of expression, optimization, learning and generalization. Focusing on engineering practice, the basic concepts of quantum computing and the use of tool chains that related quantum physics requires for are introduced in the Julia Language; introduction to quantum machine learning, quantum optimization algorithms and research frontiers in quantum chemistry. At the same time, the students conducted research based on the challenge content of the project given by the teachers. Students improved the research ability of analyzing problems, solving problems and cross-cooperation.

On the morning of May 10th, the students conducted a challenge award session of personal project demonstration. The teachers gave scores based on the performance of the students. Teachers decided on awards through discussion and then held the award ceremony. Subsequently, this Spring Workshop was successfully completed.

Deep learning and quantum computing may revolutionize the way that scientific research is conducted. This Spring Workshop systematically explained the basic theories in this field and combined it with specific examples, so that the students can further understand the research situation in this field.