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Spring Workshop: Protein Structure & Dynamics
发布时间:2019-05-16 浏览:633 次

From Feb. 17th to 22nd, 2019, Songshan Lake 2019 Spring Workshop, organized by South Bay Interdisciplinary Science Center, was held in Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory.

On the afternoon of Feb. 17th, the opening ceremony of the workshop was held in the lab’s lecture hall. As the host, Mr. Leihan Tang, the Deputy Director of South Bay Interdisciplinary Science Center, expressed his warm welcome for the participants and introduced the background of the laboratory and the development prospect of the center, hoping that all the participants can exchange their academic thoughts during the workshop.

The Spring Workshop consists of three parts: lessons, frontier lectures and group projects, attracting 14 teachers from world-famous universities and more than 40 students from different colleges and universities to participate. During the workshop, teachers systematically introduced the research method of protein dynamics including experimental techniques of data collection, computing method and data analysis by giving examples. The frontier lectures provided the students more information about the research background and development prospects. And students were divided into small groups to have project study according to the tasks provided by the teachers.

On the morning of Feb. 22nd, students gave presentations of their projects and the teachers graded them from their performance, awarding them with First Prize and Second Prize. After that, the Spring Workshop came to a successful end.

Songshan Lake 2019 Spring Workshop: Protein Structure & Dynamics Subject is the first workshop held by South Bay Interdisciplinary Science Center. In the future, the center will continue to hold high-level workshops, and create an international, long-term and stable platform, providing strategic consulting for the lab and leading the development of interdisciplinary science of the lab.